I am a rather typical — or perhaps just not atypical — example of a 21st century, “uncorrelated” Mormon. This blog is my humble attempt to examine the assumptions that I (and I think many others) hold about the “gospel.” I am using the Church’s gospel principles manual to organize my walk through Mormon theology.

That said, I have no formal training as a theologian. I think I am pretty familiar with the teachings of the Church (30 years of attendance, early morning seminary in high school, institute classes in college, full-time missionary service, etc). Grad school has helped me to hone some analytical thinking skills, but (as the tagline says) this is very much an amateur’s perspective.

I am encouraged by Matthew Bowman’s line: “There is a great deal which Mormons might believe; there is very little that they must believe.”

For (a little) more on me and the blog see the introductory post.

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